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Hands On Analysis of Metabolomics Data by MS-DIAL and MetFamily (Part II)

by Gerd Balcke (ipb-halle), Micha Gracianna Devi (ipb-halle)

Online Event

Online Event


Speaker: PD Dr. Gerd Balcke (IPB, Dept. SZB)


Part II "Hands On Analysis of Metabolomics Data by MS-DIAL and MetFamily" of a two-part DoCou on Omics, PCA and MetFamily.


In this hands-on course, Gerd Balcke and Micha Devi will guide you through a metabolomics workflow, where you can learn to analyze complex data using one example project. This follow-up lecture (Part II) will also introduce you to principle component analysis (PCA) and the software tool MetFamily.

In order to take part in this part II course, it is not mandatory to have participated in part I which covered the basics of chromatography.

However, note that this is an advanced workshop that really goes into detail. Therefore, you need basic knowledge in metabolomics and mass spectrometry. It will only be useful for you, if you have to deal with MS-based metabolomics data now or plan to do so. 

 In this workshop, participants will get the opportunity to learn how to 

  • turn raw data of all major GC-MS or LC-MS/MS vendors into a publically readable data format (.abf) 

  • apply MS-Dial, an open-source software tool for feature extraction, alignment, and literature search 

  • apply MetFamily, an open-source program, which helps you to assign (regulated) metabolite families based on mass spectral similarity 

The workshop will be demonstrated with case data on the shared screen in Teams, but you are free to run your own sessions in parallel as well. 

We advise you to download the following before the start of the course: 

  1. the example raw data (we are working on it, will be sent later this week) 

  2. the .abf converter

  3. MS-Dial software

  4. workshop tutorials  

2.), 3.) and 4.) can be downloaded from: 


If you have specific demands, questions, or topics you want to have covered, please send an email to Jay Bharadwaj ( who will be happy to collect and forward them to the speakers. The speaker will try to accommodate those. Of course, there will be room for spontaneous questions as well.

Course format and registration:

This event is a DoCou - IPB Doctoral Training Course. Please register.

Online-only format. You will receive a link to the online event after registration.


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You get your certificate (unsigned) when you register and then click on "Get Ticket" in the green box confirming your registration. You will also receive this PDF document attached to your confirmation email. To get it signed...

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Antje Hellmuth, Jay Bharadwaj