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Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (3/4)

by Andrej Frolov (ipb-halle)

Q/1-01 - Kurt Mothes Saal (KMS) (IPB Halle)

Q/1-01 - Kurt Mothes Saal (KMS)

IPB Halle

Weinberg 3, 06120 Halle


  • About the course:

Speaker: Dr. Andrej Frolov and tba (IPB, Dept. NWC)

The course addresses fundamentals of mass spectrometry with a general introduction of the most widely spread ionization techniques and mass analyzators. The program contains four lectures.

Lecture 3 - Mass Analyzers

This lecture will give an overview of the most widely used mass analyzators - quadrupole, quadrupole ion trap, orbital trap, time of flight analyzator.


  • Course format and registration:

DoCou with in-person attendance at the KMS.
Virtual access only in case of high demand.

At Kurt-Mothes lecture hall (KMS):
Registration is open for up to 21 participants taking part in-person at the KMS at the IPB. To register for all four sessions, fill the registration form for the course session "Introduction to Mass Spectrometry 1/4".

Web conference:
Online participation will only be made available if the number of interested persons exceeds the capacity of the lecture hall, or upon request (contact:


  • Certificates:

Every participant can receive a certificate of attendance for a DoCou.

Please download and print the certificate yourself to have it signed after the course. To do so, register for the course "Introduction to Mass Spectrometry 1/4". Then click on "Get Ticket" in the green box confirming your registration. A certificate of attendance with all the details and sessions in PDF format will open. You will also receive this PDF document attached to your confirmation email. Further procedure...

  • If you attend in person at the IPB: After each course session, go to the speaker and let him/her sign the respective session on your certificate. A doctoral representative can additionally stamp the certificate.
  • (If you attend online: After attending the course, have your certificate signed by Coordinator Antje Hellmuth (IPB Management/Press and Public Relations Office; Email:, Phone: 1113).)


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