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Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (1/4)

by Andrej Frolov (ipb-halle)

Q/1-01 - Kurt Mothes Saal (KMS) (IPB Halle)

Q/1-01 - Kurt Mothes Saal (KMS)

IPB Halle

Weinberg 3, 06120 Halle


  • About the course:

Speaker: Dr. Andrej Frolov and tba (IPB, Dept. NWC)

The course addresses fundamentals of mass spectrometry with a general introduction of the most widely spread ionization techniques and mass analyzators. The program contains four lectures.

Lecture 1 - General MS

General introduction in mass spectrometric vocabulary and principals of the method. The phenomenon of ionization will be considered using the most early developed technique - electron ionization.


  • Course format and registration:

DoCou with in-person attendance at the KMS.
UPDATE: Virtual access now open due to high demand.

At Kurt-Mothes lecture hall (KMS):
UPDATE: Capacity limit reached. No more registration for in-person attendance at the KMS at the IPB.

Web conference:
UPDATE: Online participation now available for 21 more registrants. Link to the online event will be sent to you before the event. To register for all four sessions, fill the registration form for the course session "Introduction to Mass Spectrometry 1/4" here.


  • Certificates:

Every participant can receive a certificate of attendance for a DoCou.

Please download and print the certificate yourself to have it signed after the course. To do so, register on this page for the course "Introduction to Mass Spectrometry 1/4" and click on "Get Ticket" in the green box confirming your registration. A certificate of attendance with all the details and sessions in PDF format will open. You will also receive this PDF document attached to your confirmation email. Further procedure...

  • If you attend in person at the IPB: After each course session, go to the speaker and let him/her sign the respective session on your certificate. A doctoral representative can additionally stamp the certificate.
  • (If you attend online: After attending the course, have your certificate signed by Coordinator Antje Hellmuth (IPB Management/Press and Public Relations Office; Email:, Phone: 1113).)


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