3-5 October 2019
Seoul National University
Asia/Seoul timezone

How to Register

Full conference registration is split up into two steps: 1) register for this website based on our conference management system (Indico) to be able to login and leave your details, 2) pay for conference at the external sitepay for conference at the external site and 3)pay for the Membership at the external site of the ISPT , see below.

For creating a login and conference registration, please:

1) register for Indico, our conference management system, here (or directly on the registration page and click "log in to proceed"):

2) please click "create one here" which appears at the bottom to create a new account and follow the instructions:

3) You can go back to the meeting registration page (you are now logged in and can fill out the details) and will later on be able to login again on this site using the "Login with Indico" option:

After registering to the conference management system, you can register for the conference, fill in your details and upload an abstract. Because the conference is organized by members of the ISPT, you need to either transfer the conference fee or become a member of ISPT on the ISPT registration site (ISPT members benefit from FREE registration to proteintermini2019):



To pay conference registration,

4) Go to http://www.ksmcb.or.kr/md_depart/md_depart_write.html?comm_type=depart


5) When you click upper lines '행사 선택 means : select the conference', you can select the option to pay


6) Select the option : (Oversea) Protein Termini 2019


7) When you check to 'Oversea', you can choose your nationality

After then, you can process the payment in English


To pay membership registration,

8) Go to ISPT Membership on ispt.world:

9) Follow "To register for membership, follow this link" to become a member:

10) Choose one option from the follwing (to be paid by credit card):

ISPT members benefit to register proteintermini2019.