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Successfully shaping the doctoral phase: A workshop series for supervisors and doctoral researchers

A productive and professional supervision relationship makes a decisive contribution to the success of the doctorate. The workshop series aims to empower supervisors and doctoral researchers in establishing a fruitful supervision relationship. Considering the specific needs and tasks of supervisors and doctoral researchers, the workshop series has a two-track approach:

The Track for Supervisors aims to inspire better supervision and to hone leadership skills, e.g. by discussing roles and conflicts in supervision; working with methods to match expectations; highlighting the importance of self-care, mental health and resilience; getting equipped with strategies to manage international and diverse teams, as well as to communicate and provide feedback in a constructive way.

The Track for Doctoral Researchers aims to support doctoral researchers to manage their doctoral project and the challenges of the academic world successfully as well as to contribute their share to a successful supervision relationship. This track explores topics like productivity and provides tools to structure the day in a way that it aids concentration and focus; it provides strategies for managing well-being in research; it helps to identify procrastination loops and drivers of motivation; it discusses how to interpret feedback, to manage expectations, or to navigate different types of supervisors.

About the trainer
Desiree Dickerson, PhD is a former postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience and a clinical psychologist and is working since 2018 as an Academic Consultant with a focus on Mental Health & Well-being. Her research has been published, e.g., in Translational Psychiatry and Frontiers in Behavorial Neuroscience. Her editorial articles on mental health and other topics have been featured in Nature and Science.

  • This series is designed for IAMO & IPB supervisors - i.e., postdocs, senior researchers, PIs with supervision experience.
  • Single session sign-up is possible.
  • Places will be allocated in the order of incoming registrations.

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